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some articles and tools about the hobby and craft
html5 soundboard with some clips I gathered in the 90s
gamebutton arcade button gaming. No really: one button, including the screen. (BoingBoing:"This is just about the coolest goddamned webthing, ever.")
pixeltime tribute
A loving tribute to a long lost site
left-right 20 questions
A little quiz taken from the book "Predisposed" that can locate you on the left-right political spectrum
One Second Everyday
I've started documenting my life, trying to capture one second each day that is something visually interesting or reflects what I was doing. So I get 30-second descriptions of my month and 6-minute descriptions of my year.
dead man talking
In late 2013, Tom Parmenter died. But... he got better. This is a transcription of a dialog with him over dinner in mid-2016. tag system
experimenting with tagging all the stuff on this site...
amazon adder
You can get a CSV of all your physical Amazon orders over the years, this page does grand totals and break down over time by product category...
A tool for making text overlay art
The media I've consumed - books, movies, video games - over the past decade and more.
the blues scale and 12 bar blues
A music tutorial about some useful concepts
Some of the ephemera of kirk's life
royalty nickname generator
A goofy tool to analyze your name and come up with your royal nickname
Toys, demos and art pieces made in Java
Global Game Jam Games
Most years I work on an ad hoc team and make a game at the Global Game Jam. Here's the results, in descending order of how cool I think the result that year was:
klik & play
Silly games made in Klik & Play.
virtual bible dip
An online biblical divination tool
An old attempt at describing my life via lists
small gif cinema
Itsy-bitsy silent movies
Some simple online utilities
Attractive images suitable for use as desktop backgrounds
This day in kirkstory: and Palm journal content for this date going back to 1997
where the heart was
A tribute to some amazing art pieces
delayed comments
Show comments that were posted after the associated page had lapsed from the front page
A "lite" form of navigation of this site that I put up to make it easier to try and copy onto my palm
Some selections of the coolest stuff on my site
My old online photo albums
collected quotes
bitesize wisdom (out of date since its been harvested...)
wtc 9/11/1999
exactly two years before the fact
old college-era writing of mine
site archive
different ways of looking at what's here