One One One

January 1, 2001
Wow. 01-01-01, the first AB-AB-AB date since... I dunno, December 12 1912? (I was going to hack up a perl script to figure out how many days that was but I had sudden attack of laziness.)

There's a brilliant 7k game for the palmpilot called SFCave. You can also play a Java Version that doesn't quite capture the magic, but gives you the general idea. You pilot a little line in an ever shrinking cave with square obstacles. Gravity pulls you down, but by pressing any button you can get some thrust upwards. It has an insanely high 'just one more game!' factor. It confirms my theories that some cool simple games can be made by throwing in elements of inertia. (See my own JoustPong for another, rather similar example.)

Drop Some Weight -- for the wedding, and I guess for health reasons. I weighed this much in high school, but then I managed to drop thirty pounds through the wonder of discipline, lots of water, and Euclid High School's Turkey Salad of Mystery. I'm a little annoyed right now though, I seem stuck within a 3 pound range whether I'm trying to be careful or whether I'm not giving a damn. (Mo has some theories about 'natural weights'.)

Be Slower to Anger -- I find myself raging at things that irritate me: bad drivers, news reports of conservative politicians doing things I find offensive, video games that seem unfairly rigged, general stupidity. I've been getting better at extinguishing these rages almost instantly, I'd like to keep up that trend and see if I can get better at not letting them form in the first place.

Catch Up with a Friend a Week It's almost always rewarding to set up a time to meet a friend for a drink, especially someone I haven't seen in a while. Plus, it gives each week a 'hook'.

Last year's resolution came out pretty well: Keep a Media Journal (on my palmpilot): Books, movies, videos, videogames, I have a list, and probably later I'll make a book-year-in-review for myself. And post it here.