mundane monday

November 11, 2002
Links of the Moment
At the risk of giving away my sources, Metafilter has a healthy supply of interesting links on a daily much so that you could probably make a little blog that was basically metametafilter.

Quote of the Moment
My niece is dating a sculptor. She can see no flaws in him. He hopes one day to govern a province. Myself, I don't envy that province.
It's where geeks learn to roll their own tongues (block that metaphor!) for their fictional universes. The Kit has some interesting "big picture" analysis of existing languages.

Article of the Moment
A kuro5hin article on the history of online multiplayer games had this piece on what might be the first virtual rape in this otherspace. People start to identify very strongly with their online characters, even when the world is represented purely as words (as is the case here), symbols, or with graphics (like with Ultima Online and EverQuest.) Sometimes I'm very glad that the learning curve of these "MUD"s (Multi User Dungeons) prevented me from doing more than barely dipping my toe in when I was in college...I have enough little addictions taking up all my free time.

Sports of the Moment
Been hearing a little bit more about NFL Europe. I've always been in to alternative sports leagues and the team names and logos they come up with, but I'd never heard of the Amsterdam Admirals, the Scottish Claymores, the F.C. Barcelona Dragons, the Rhein Fire, the Frankfurt Galaxy, or the Berlin Thunder (helmet shown here, you can also go see all the helmets and logos) What I really liked was their Beginner's Guide to American Football, trying to explain and justify the dang thing.

I'm not sure what is says about my upbringing that I always feel a bit of an urge to apologize for liking to watch football. I end up explaining my history of watching games from the stands with the marching or pep band.