cowboy down

October 10, 2003
Sigh, Yankees evened it up last night. On the other hand, that just means it's now a 5 game series, except now Red Sox have homefield advantage.

"Cowboy Up" is such a funny little motto/rallying gimmick for the Red Sox. I kind of like it, despite my usual caution with most things of a western theme...I mean our guys are kind of working on a paradox, a team of mavericks, but hey, humans (especially Sox fans) are complex, we can handle contradictions.

Links of the Moment
Sitting on my backlog is Multi Theft Auto, a project that makes the violent but brilliantly flexible game "Grand Theft Auto 3" into an online world with many, many homocidal maniacs about, not just the one of the usual single player mode.

Tied in with that is a great essay, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades: Players Who Suit MUDs. (MUDs, "Multi-User Dungeons", are an older form of shared online world, exclusively text based. It's a very clever metaphor...players who are Hearts are in it for the social interaction, Clubs are out to cause other players grief, Diamonds seek to advance in status in the game's terms, and Spades try to dig up information on the mechanics of the game itself. It goes on to talk about how MUDs are generally balanced to encourage one group or another, and how the groups interact with each other in general. Cool reading.

Salvation Army Reference of the Moment
Heh. James Lileks took a picture of the Salvation Army building on 14th Street in NYC, and described it as "Very cool, but highly ominous; it's like a soul-eating machine, not a soul-saving one." My mom worked right around there for the better part of the 90s. (Whoops: Craig points out that I posted the wrong link, though this review of my current old but terrifically small and functional cellphone is a good read as well for the budding Kirkologist.)

Mascot of the Moment
This is Floyd D. Duck, the mascot of BubbleYum. According to the BubbleYum site, Floyd says "Hope you're in the mood to POP...come join the bubble party!" That's quite a rallying cry. Clearly, Floyd is a role model for anyone who enjoys the sweet pleasure that is the result of modern bubble gum technology. The site even has desktop wallpaper and screensavers with the attitude-laden mallard's visage.