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February 27, 2018

And we know this, because there are in fact rigorous, honest, intelligent Conservative writers who come right out and state the position that the state should not intervene in climate change. They're wrong, but at least they're honest and clear about the reality we're living in. The problem is, no one likes them, because they shatter the Conservative Identity of, "I'm a responsible person and also I don't believe in Big Government." Climate change is the big test of identity, because if it IS real, then the only choices are: "I don't believe in Big Government and am irresponsible when it comes to the fate of the world" and "I am responsible when it comes to the fate of the world and Big Government is the only solution." [...]
At a basic level, all of the policies of the GOP can be summed up this same way: "we don't want to." We all know that healthcare is good, and that universal healthcare is a good, effective system of getting it for people -- all the data is very clear. The GOP position isn't that it doesn't work, it's that they don't want to do it. The fact that other people will die doesn't matter. They don't care! They don't care they don't care they don't care.
--Chris Braak, On David Brooks and Brett Stephens et al. You can view this through a Moral Foundations Theory lens; climate and health hit the liberals Care vs Harm foundation hard core, but conservatives have so many other things going term of Ingroup vs Subversion and Liberty vs Opression that they are compelled to turn to idiotic immoral outrages like "facts don't matter!!!" instead of owning up to how destructive and self-centered their views are.

February 26, 2018

Moderately bummed the new minigame in Mario Odyssey "Balloon World" is just hide and seek with balloons and not involving the physics of Balloon Fight.
--photo by my Aunt Susan Jordan
"I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a weapon."
--President Cadet Bone Spurs, on the deputies and the Flordia shooting. (Five deferments from military service - or as @andylevy put it "i would've dodged those bullets like it was the draft")
A psychological study of the political gap in views on gun control. Seems to have some roots in Moral Foundations theory (as in the book "The Righteous Mind") which I dig - I was actually wondering how gun control tied into the conservative's greater increase on deference to proper authority, since the reasons for guns are often given in terms of self-defense autonomy...

February 25, 2018

"hey teens you don't have to respect adults if they're shitty. it's insanely easy to get old now, it's not like back in the day when being forty meant you had survived The Long Winter or whatever the hell."
funny to think about that in terms of moral foundations theory. When asked what's more important to teach kids, liberals tend to say kindness and conservatives tend to say respect.
Some good analysis of Blank Panther, especially its villain (almost, anti-villain) Killmonger.

February 24, 2018tuba

Today I had the honor of playing with the New Magnolia Jazz Band at the funeral for Madam Laguerre, a member of the local Haitian community.

I knew really little about the Haitian Creole in which the lion's share of the service was conducted... looking up the Wikipedia page, they cited some proverbs I liked:

"Apre bal, tanbou lou"
"After the dance, the drum is heavy"
i.e. There are consequences to your actions

"Dan konn mode lang"
"Teeth are known to bite the tongue"
i.e. People who work together sometimes hurt each other

"Ravèt pa janm gen rezon devan poul"
"A cockroach in front of a chicken is never correct"
i.e. Justice will always be on the side of the stronger

"Si ou bwè dlo nan vè, respèkte vè a"
"If you drink water from a glass, respect the glass"

"Tout moun se moun"
"Everybody is a person"
i.e. Everyone matters

"Bouch granmoun santi, sak ladan l se rezon"
"The mouth of the old stinks but what's inside is wisdom"

February 23, 2018tuba

The Harvard Crimson did a short article on BABAM
Great piece on tech nostalgia, a guy powers up his original 2002 iPod, old songs and playlists intact.

Only the final third is about the hardware itself, as classic and still functional (modulo the battery life) as it is; the rest is a nostalgic exploration of the author's digital musical life of the era, and the idiosyncrasies he had in categorizing songs and arranging playlists.

There are some old digital "snapshots" I treasure, like a folder with all the files stuffed on my Windows Desktop directory - one of those things I kept meaning to get back to, to curate out "the good stuff", but now holds holistic value as a slice of my old digital life. Similar for old screengrabs I have, or just photos with the monitor visible... the ones that inadvertently show what all I was up to those days are much more interesting than ones that just show an app. (The same phenomenon happens for old photos - ones where my old book stacks - or even just clutter - are intriguing no matter what the subject of the photo is supposed to be.)

Do you share in this kind of object nostalgia, digital or otherwise?

Florida Lawmakers Advance Bill Requiring Schools To Display 'In God We Trust'
I think these Florida Lawmaker assholes would be being 1000% more honest if the signs read "IN GUNS WE TRUST"

So damn stupid. "Thoughts and Prayers" codified by assholes who have a higher concern for their love of guns than for public health and safety.

And for all those asshole gun lovers who are like "oh you don't even know what assault weapon means" - doctors do - these guns do much much worse damage than handguns. In both the quality and quantity of bullets these unleash, these guns have ZERO FUCKING LEGITIMATE ROLE in society. And the way the NRA has blocked research into this? THAT IS A MORAL OUTRAGE.

Funny (well, maybe not funny ha-ha) thing to think as you're drifting to sleep: "I'm about to apply for dual citizenship: the United States and the People's Republic of Sleepistan".
Yeesh. You know, despite living more or less near Davis for two decades I never realized the Rosebud wasn't just the diner part in the front.

February 22, 2018

Pretty good Quora critique of Ayn Rand's philosophy. Hadn't thought about it as "individuals are basically good but corrupted by government and organizations" vs I guess the countering liberal view that government and organizations ideally distill our best selves and intentions, and have some powers (force, social pressure, etc) to get individuals to behave in ways that are better. (Though, ways that are better for the institution in question, which might not always be the general objective preference and is certainly not the Objectivism preference...)
New "Solo" move ala Sabotage:

Damn that is a good song.
"High school kids are 'crisis actors', but our reality show president has to read 'I hear you' off a cue card."
--Steve Delfino, on this crap.
2:22 2/22

February 21, 2018

Apple Life Hacks from Gruber's twitter: on macOS you can make a sticky "note" appear above all other windows all the time (Window Float on Top) and on iOS you can force touch the typing keyboard to make it into a touchpad that zips the cursor around the typing area
The annual twitter tradition continues.
Teens are waking up to this 1984 bullshit.
Pfizer, pocketing a big tax cut from Trump, will end investment in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's research Hey that great tax cut and late stage capitalism is real great for healthcare huh. Yay Trump! All those poor dumb bastards who voted to drain the swamp. Genius!