Kirk's Band Page

Hi! I'm Kirk, a Boston-Area Activist Tuba Player who plays in several local "HONK!"-style bands.

If you're reading this page, maybe you would like to be in a band as well! I can help with that.

Here are three bands I am in, all of which feature open membership...

"I'd like to have fun playing music with friends..."

The Jamaica Plain Honkband is an activist, community street band. (It is based in Jamaica Plain, but nearly half the band lives outside of JP.)

The band meets weekly, with usually 8-16 people there for practice. Although primarily brass, woodwinds, and percussion, we will try and work with any instrument that shows up!

Learn more at the JP Honkband Website (especially the "Hello musician!" section) or check out our charts (sheet music) at the chart-o-tron.

"...but I don't know how to play an instrument!"

The School of Honk might be for you! It's a radically-inclusive, all-ages, all-levels marching-band-size brass band and music school. They meet most every Sunday afternoon, and have a mentor/section based approach for learning to play their songs by ear and by watching others.

Even if you don't have your own horn, they can lend you one! And experienced musicans are welcome as well, either to learn a new instrument or just to enjoy playing in the street band style.

"Who cares how or what I play? I want to support good causes with sound!"

BABAM! - The Boston Area Brigade of Activist Musicians is an umbrella group for musicians from various bands. It is designed like a volunteer fire brigade - there to meet the call to support protests and activist events with a songbook/cheatsheet from the HONK! communty and general chant-backing.

Any questions? Feel free to contact me at! Hope to see you around!