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On Wooden Swords and Oversized Shirts (from k to r, 22 Oct 1995)

I got to thinking on my way back from your place, thinking about the
wooden sword.  It's not just fear of looking silly on campus that keeps it
there, you probably knew that but I didn't really realize that until
tonight.  It's a token, and I guess an important one for by subconscious.
Even for the weeks that I can't be a part of your life, the sword is,
even if it's looking kind of sad and forlorn.  The same thing went for
the Banana Republic T-shirt, even though you said it was pretty much too
big to wear.  (Which is why I like the way the big blue shirt made its
way so smoothly into your wardrobe, a little chunk of your life.)

It's a bit stupid, and romantic, and stupidly romantic, but then again so
am I, and I have the http: to prove it.

Besides, there's always the somewhat more utilitarian consideration that
I'll get to see you at least once more when you finally insist I take the
damn sword back.

		Here's to the hope of those seven hours,
		Kiss + Smirk = Kirk

PS my mom gave me a bag of fireball candies for halloween.  Yum.

-O\O  Kirk Is            Romance dead? Nah. Visit the BLENDER OF LOVE
( = )
"Love is two crickets hopping in the same direction"  --W.T.Vollmann

I had some goofy wooden swords, probably from "Medieval Times". R. borrowed one for an a cappella skit, and it got left in her room for a long time.

The "seven hours" references a misheard line of hers, where she thought we might be able to find the time to spend "several" hours together... I thought she said "seven".

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