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Re: "all together now' (from r to k, 20 Nov 1995)

On Sun, 19 Nov 1995, Kirk Is. wrote:

> Do you want to get together later tonight or Monday night or Tuesday to
> think about the A Cappella's page and maybe then talk?  I was kind of, I dunno,
> unsettled that you had forgotten that we had said there was stuff to talk
> about.
> 	Talk soon?
> 	Kirk.
> I still listen and touch and kiss and feel as well as I ever did.
> My window still hopes.  My mind still wanders.
> There's too much I'm not seeing.
i haven't forgotten!
i'm just not sure of, well, what you want out of us...


Senior year, I had a kind of basement single, with a window right at ground level. I set up a $5 radio shack doorbell, since there was a back entrance I could open up for visitors, a lot more easily than coming to the main door with its phone.

What I wanted out of "us"? Then? Everything, obviously...

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