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Re: Take a Metaphor to Bed (from r to k, 16 Apr 1996)

you write too well...  how many times will i have to say that? :)

i want to write something beautiful for you but my muse has deserted me.  
no, wait, i don't think i even had a muse to begin with.  what do math 
majors with perhaps a small idea of how to string words together have 
instead of a muse?  

i think i want to walk in the rain in shorts and a tee shirt, let the rain 
dampen my hair and clothes, then come inside and strip, huddling in my 
sheets to warm.  

come for a walk?
"You write too well". People do tend to write better when they're out to woo someone. Sometimes I would wonder how much it was my writing that would bring us back together...but it wasn't enough to base an actual relationship on.

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