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Re: Coca-Cola (from r to k, 21 Sep 1996)

On Thu, 19 Sep 1996, Kirk Israel wrote:
> Coca-Cola is now running a promotion and all the pulltabs on are shiney
> red instead of the usual tin-gray.  Given my association with soda
> pulltabs, I keep thinking it's some odd sexual-attention-grabbing
> coloration, like a peacock's feathers. 
> sQ callbacks went well.  This'll be the year that decides if the group has
> legs or if it was just Erica's pet project...
> Join me in mulling over the world's problems through the 
> steam of a hot mug of tea?

sorry i haven't written or called... it seems like i get the chance to 
log on infrequently -- when i have the time there always seem to be 
better things to do...

call me when you're up and we'll see what today holds.  


Soda can pulltabs! Back in my teenagehood, they were an odd symbol of sexual desire...if you gave one to someone, and it had the little tab inside intact (not always easy to pull take of the tab without breaking it) it was a symbol of a certain willingness... The rambling chronology mentions a different pulltab incident, where she purposefully left one behind in my room, hidden in plain site with the Russian Chick watching. (The Russian Chick and I weren't going together at that point, but still it seemed a little daring.)

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