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Re: g'morning (from k to r, 20 Oct 1996)

On Sun, 20 Oct 1996, Rosetta wrote:
> got email from erica, oxfam on the 31st, and i'm taking a few vacation 
> days, so it'll be cool to hang out without feeling i need to go to bed 
> and work the next day... :)

Would you want to take a daytrip sometime?  I think I've managed to rack
up a few personal days that i haven't used.  I'm not sure where to go, but
maybe something Autumn-in-New-Englandy? 
> i enjoyed the talk -- i know i work better with spoken words when having 
> that kind of talk, tho' the silent chats were good, too.

Errm- I think I parsed that last sentence ok, but I'm not sure :->

I think not expressing what people're really thinking is one of the worst
things for any kind of relationship.  I think you see parts of that too,
like in the car when I asked if you were getting too many puppy-dog vibes
from me, and you said you didn't think so but weren't sure if it was me
acting differently or your perception changing after having made clear
what you weren't looking for right now.  (and to think I was just now
teasing you for that 'enjoyed the talk' sentence)

Still, I enjoy your physical presence a lot as well, it's- soothing?
I guess that's the best word I can think of.

Though right now at *this* moment I'm about as physically happy as I'm
going to be alone, sitting in my big nest chair, listening to the
Proclaimers, and wearing this really big and really soft sweatshirt IDD
gave me.  I don't like wearing it during the day, it's a little
cumbersome, but right now with no t-shirt underneath it's the most
comfortable thing in the world, very soft and warm cotton.  Plus my new
Gap socks, it's a really good way to spend a Sunday morning, inside away
from the cold rain...

Sorry about the double e-mail, I wanted to see if i could catch you with
the first one before you went offline.  

I think that for a while I should let you make the phone calls, which
isn't always the easiest thing for me to wait for.  But it seems it might
be an important part of your space right now. 

I like talking with you.


ps It's weird, this cd has a song "Come On Nature" but the way they say it
it sounds just like "Come On Nietchze".  That hits me as a tremendously
funny idea for an Irish folk song... 

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