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Re: what you write (from k to r, 27 Oct 1996)


Pitt was---mmm, draining.  The show went well, and the crowd ate up my
goof breakdown/solo in Skip To My Lu.  The traveling was long, and the
party afterwards wasn't so hot (some of the female Qs were uncomfortable
'cause too many too drunk Pitt Glee Club Members seemed to be looking for
action--)  There were a lot of little disasters-- trouble with Avis Car
Rental, getting seperated and lost, an unfindable hotel, few hours of
sleep, arriving barely an hour before the show, the scaryish lame party,
Erica getting a speeding ticket on the way back... but none of it ruined
the trip.  It'll be interesting to see if it bonds the group or if we've
seen to much of each other lately for our own good....

But the moon on the way home was *incredible*- huge and 
wonderfully orange, like a candy at arms reach that you 
could pluck out of the sky and eat, an orange coating on 
a piece of the most magnificent rich dark chocolate, ever--

I wanted to come stomping on your porch, but by the time I would've
arrived the moon was higher, clear + beautiful but a little ordinary.

I'm reading a beautiful set of short stories "We Find Ourselves in
Moontown"  by Jay Gummerman.  In one of them the main character is
watching a rerun of "The Fugitive":

I turn the set back on and close my eyes.  "I want 
to understand you," a woman is saying to The Fugitive.  
"You will in time," The Fugitive tells her.  "May I 
use your car?"

Call?  Could we see each other soon, besides across 
the gap between audience and entertainers?


"Pitt" was an sQ trip to Pittsburgh. My beloved Honda went 100 mph on rainslick Pennsylvania roads trying to keep up with the other car (we were running late.) Later I decided that if the other driver was adopted into an Indian tribe, his new Indian name would be "Dances with Trucks".

I love that Fugitive quote.

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