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Re: ps (from k to r, 31 May 1994)

On Tue, 31 May 1994, Count Zero wrote:

> i'd love to hear your theories.
> ps, what on?

Actually, I was trying to be mysterious.  I have a theory that I don't
pull off "mysterious" very well.  :-)

Well, that's half true.  (The first sentence, that is, the second sentence
might as well have been handed down from Moses on Mt. Sinai)  I was
watching "Naked in New York" last night, and it had a playwrite in it, and
you know how crazy I am about that artsy-fartsy stuff, and I thought about
how my computer science major seems to be looming over my english major a
bit, and I stumbled across the theory that maybe one of the reasons I'm
writing you with such frequency and intensity is that those letters are
my main writing outlets nowadays.  I've been writing to other people as
well, but with you it's more intense, I talked about that in the letter I
wrote by hand.  Plus the fact I might be still rather bespotted.  It happens.
That was probably the theory I was talking about last night.
	So how are things twixt you and the Wally-meister?  It seemed happy
enough, though I am easily fooled by surface impressions, unless I'm
	I have a new theory.  Dinah Washington's forte is not the blues.
I don't care what the silly liner notes say, I think she sounds cheerful.
I think I'm going to slip into some Sarah Vaughn.  Aaaah.  Much better.
(I bought the Dinah Washington mostly for "Is you is o' is you ain't my
baby" and was disappointed when I realized I liked the way Tom sang it
better.  (Of Tom and Jerry fame.)

	I have no idea if those incantations I talked about before ever have
any effect.  You're pretty good at being enigmatic.  I hardly ever get to
see you in person-like, and maybe that's a message in and of itself.  But
maybe not.  You've never written to remind me that Don Quixote died a sad
and wretched man.

	So what's a lonely sweet prince to do?
I think I tried to send a teaser e-mail "psst, wanna hear my latest theory". Whaddya know, it worked.

Wally (nickname of Daniel) was the guy she was seeing. He may be someone she was kind of hung up for a longish while, kind of annoying to not even be her most important college romance.

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