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Re: errf (from r to k, 1 Nov 1996)

On Fri, 1 Nov 1996, Kirk Israel wrote:

> I keep forgetting when you don't have something to say you don't :->
> But it's good.  I got sleep and a shower (with lots o' shampoo, my hair
> was pretty vertical this morning) and now I'm ready to deal with the world
> on somewhat more equal terms.  My boxers are now on the *inside*.
> Smile at me, babe.
> steadily
> kirk

:) :) :) :)
i hope you can function at work on so little sleep! 

i'm always smiling, sometimes it just doesn't translate over email...


Boxers on the inside, and the hair, have to do with my halloween costume. I dressed "wacky" but then had a placard proclaiming me to be a piece of modern art.

Don't quite remember all the details of the lack of sleep...

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