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story (from k to r, 17 Dec 1996)

"Do you know why there's friction?" he asks, shifting his balance off her
to support himself on one elbow. 


"Why there's friction" he repeats.

"To stop us from actually sliding *off* each other just then?" 

He laughs, draws one hand across her stomach, wubbadas a breast.  "When
two objects touch, they blend. Atomically.  The molecules mix, the
friction comes in because the molecules don't want to be seperated."  He
lightly catches one of her nipples between two fingers, presses against
the areola, "when two lovers touch, hold hands, any skin against skin,
they're coming together, becoming a single thing..." 

They draw together, kiss, breathing in each other's breath.  She pushes
his shoulders down, throws a leg across him, sits over him.  "It's more
than that, sweet darling,"  she says, swaying slightly-- "Heizenberg and
the study of the quantum show us that the observer cannot help but change
the observed, if only by a very little bit...  when you gaze at me, the
very act of gazing at me causes me to be altered--" 

She leans over, lets her breasts brush over his chest.  She takes his
earlobe into her mouth, softly and warmly. "--and I love that" she
whispers into his ear, presses his body into hers.


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