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Re: your mail (from k to r, 22 Dec 1996)

On Sun, 22 Dec 1996, Rosetta wrote:

> yes, let's do garlic bread soon, but garlic out of a jar might not cut 
> it...   i'm going over to joan's this afternoon, maybe we could do some 
> shopping tomorrow?  are you working tomorrow?  i just can't remember...

I have 3 days to take off, and it looks like my manager is convinced that
the Jan 1 deadline isn't quite as tight as it once was.  So I have to take
those days soon, or lose them, so monday's good as any other time--

> ps, i think i need some time to digest friday night, please don't 
> over analyze my silence?

Me?  Do a thing like that?

I'm kidding.  But I'm much better at not stressing about stuff like that
than I used to be.  It'd be nice to hear what you come up with though, and
I want to be around if you think talking would aid your digestion...
(hmmm, that didn't come out quite right) I've learned not to look too much
into things. You seem to be more comfortable with taking things at face
value, as they happen, and that's not such a bad way to be.  All in all:
I'm happier when we're in contact than when we're not. 

not over-analytically,

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