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(from k to r, 10 Feb 1997)

sQ got official recognition from the Comitte for Student Life,
which is good news though I'm not surehow it relates to "Senate

Other news is I think the Blender got mentioned in the LA Times
as a good Valentine's Day Site.

Driving home I thougt of three questions springing from our
conversation over Wine and Rolos--
"*Do* I know what I'm getting myself into?", "Does she?", and
"Does it matter?"

The answers I came up with were Probably, Probably Not, and Maybe,
but I'm not telling in what order.  Right now I'm feeling content,
and that's enough.

"How do you make love stay?  Take love out onto a distant hilltop
on a cloudless light.  When love falls asleep, replace love's glasses 
with glow in the dark stars spelling "This Is It".  As Love starts to
stir, swap the original glasses back.  Love will stay."

(Ok, I'm no Tom Robbins, and yes, I forgot to bring the book back.
My quarter.  Maybe I'll try before sQ tomorrow--)


I do like that attempt to do Tom Robbins in the penultimate paragraph.

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