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Re: Boo'ful: (from r to k, 20 Sep 1994)

On Tue, 20 Sep 1994, Kirk Is. wrote:

> Hey hey-
> 	It's quarter of seven.  I'm scheduled to work, in one lab or
> th'other, straight on 'til midnight.  Ick.
> 	I think I could go for pizza and beer right around soon... pizza
> slathered with sauce and cheese, so much that it's almost sliding off the
> crust, and beer, maybe Sam Adams?- straight from the fridge, a bottle that
> looks me right in the eyes and murmurs "drink me" in low sultry tones.
> 	I still owe you for the a cappella cd.  Let me start making it up to
> you one night with th'hypothetical pizza & S.A. (brewer, patriot)?
> 						Kirk---
do i have to choose between kahlua and ice cream and pizza and sam a.?
please, i don't think i could pick!

(or both??)
just gimme a buzz and i'm there.


"Murmurs 'drink me' in low sultry tones"...heh.

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