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Re: 'morning (from k to r, 18 Dec 1994)

On Sun, 18 Dec 1994, Count Zero wrote:

> On Sun, 18 Dec 1994, Kirk Is. wrote:
> > Good morning Rhill (Messages Off)
> >
> g'morning, kisrael...

(I must have sent this first letter about 20 seconds after you had logged

Listen, I'm doing a paper on Toni Morrison's _Sula_, and there's a passage
that always makes me think of you: [don't take this the wrong way,
whatever that means, I'm not trying to use it to woo you, honest.  Well,
not consciously, anyway.]

Then there was an afternoon when she stood before the mirror finger-tracing
the laugh lines around her mouth and trying to decide whether she was
good-looking or not.  She ended this deep perusal by tying a green ribbon
in her hair.  The green silk made a rippling whisper as she slid it into
her hair- a whisper that could easily have been Hannah's chuckle.

(Hannah is her mother)  Anyway, the way you wore that one black ribbon
sticks in my head, and probably will for a while... it suited you so
well.  (And in case you were going through the same decision process, I
would say yes, you are good-looking.)

			Talk to you soon?
				love to you,
"Messages off" is what shows up on Unix systems when a person has set it so they're refusing chat requests.

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