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Missed you by a minute (from k to r, 6 Jan 1995)

Thanks for a beautiful way of spending a Friday evening.

It's odd to think of, I tell myself you thinking that you're not
ready to handle the emotion, and physicalness between you and me
is some kind of complement- but I never meant to ask to take up
that much time, or energy, or anything.

So you aren't unique in boldness.  Still, you're the only person
who can cause a physical change (no, not *that* one) in me, just
by thinking about you, a tightness in my chest when I think I'm
going to see you.  And I'm so envious about what Doug's been and
is going to be able to share with you it can make my teeth ache.

The hardest to learn, was the least complicated.

love to you.
Quoting an Indigo Girls line. Though when I think about that song, I'm still not positive I know what lesson they mean.

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