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45 minutes and counting.... (from k to r, 30 Mar 1995)

45 minutes 'til I can legally imbibe.  Yowza.

My life's a study in chaos right now. Every time I close my eyes I feel
emotionally dizzy.  Everything happening it once, little things that
wouldn't mean much individually but together... the housing screw-up,
classes, the eaton job slipping into overdrive, being caught in a power
struggle between my aunt and my step-cousin, realizations that I've lost
a set of feelings for the Russian Romance that I'm not sure I can get
back and that my English major won't help to explain to her, feeling a
gulp in my chest watching you from a distance, getting back from a trip
to Cleveland and feeling the space between my friends and I, and watching
Marnie's hand casually rest on the guy who's caught her heart strings as
she reads over his shoulder, leaving me wondering if and how she can fall
out of love with such grace.  I'm kind of a mess.

	Why am I telling you this?  That's another thing that bothers me,
I'm not all sure.

	Hope you're coping ok...

-O\O  Kirk Israel                <> "All life is 6-to-5 against,
( = )  <>    just enough to keep you interested" <>                --Damon Runyon

One of the few references to the Russian Chick.

And if I thought real hard, I probably could have figured out why I was telling her all this.

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