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Re: hey beautiful (from r to k, 17 Jun 1995)

On Sat, 17 Jun 1995, Kirk Is. wrote:

> Hi Rosetta
> 	How are things?
> 	Life's ok here.  Work continues to bungle along, made happier by
> my net connection.  On my way to a staff meeting I saw Wally- I hadn't seen
> him with a beard before.  Frankly, he reminds me of the guy from the old
> Joy of Sex book.  Oh well.
> 	I got a letter from Veronika this morning, the first in a while,
> since she just got back to school.  She's having a pretty bad time of
> things, it's kind of keeping her from her school work, but she says it's
> ok 'cause the German system is set up so it only matters that everything's
> finished by the end.  Still, I worry.
> 	Since there's no one else here tonight, I dragged a cd player
> into the bathroom, lit some candles and took a long warm bath.  Listened
> to Sarah Vaughn Sings Soulfully.  Thought of a lot of things to write to
> people, but when I got downstairs in a towel I realized I had said it all
> before.
> 	Are you still around on-campus?  Or was this part of the
> 'non-state' thingy?  (Very Zen, in a way, though I'm not sure if it was
> meant to be.)
> 	Kiss me and I'll kiss you back
> 	Love's something that's everywhere
> 	And I should write Baci's.
> 	Kirk
my state was mostly pms and a stomach bug, both of which, mercifully, are
gone.  i spent friday afternoon with wally, had an interesting time.  we
argued, amicably, had good pizza, no beer.  might have softened us up.
surprisingly enough, the big revelation of the weekend was that i think
i'm finally getting over him.  perhaps i'm really just getting over the
idea of needing a man.  not to say i don't want that sort of person in my
life, i just am becoming more patient about finding him.  there's someone
i'm "working on" now who i want to get into bed but don't want to commit
to.  unfortunately, he's that "commitment" type.  i hate that, sometimes!

at any rate, i'm in my "let's *use* men" mode, don't take anything i say
without a keg of salt.


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