30 days of superheroes

In June 2011 I took "cobie goes boom"'s 30 day drawing challenge: superheroes. The challenge is divided into 4 weeks of increasingly complex challanges... the first week you make your superhero team, the next you show theme in individual poses, the next acting in pairs, and finally as a team. Finally you have a freeform day and then a comic book cover.

It was a lot of fun, and I learned a bit about composing scenes and using layers in the program "ArtStudio" on iPad. While my style is still laughably doodle-ish, it was a great experience.

day 1: big bruiser "luggo"

day 2: technology hero robot "jake 2"

day 3: weapons hero "pistol packin' mona"

day 4: miniature hero "the red crumb"

day 5: elemental-control hero "wind x"

day 6: creature-themed hero "hungrier hippo"

day 7: alien hero "alien bill"

day 8: civilian identity: jake 2 as "traffic eye 1"

day 9: pistol packin. mona victorious

day 10: alien bill getting somewhere fast

day 11: the red crumb cowering in fear

day 12: luggo busting through a wall

day 13: hungrier hippo doing some heavy lifting

day 14: wind-x.s opposite gender version: her-icane

day 15: arguing: alien bill vs hungrier hippo

day 16: pistol packin. mona fighting wind-x

day 17: whole team taking on aBOMBinable snowman

day 18: red crumb giving luggo a hot foot

day 19: jake 2 and luggo competing, playing chess

day 20: jake 2 injured, hungrier hippo protecting

day 21: "traffic eye 1" and "mona alyssa" about to jump in the fray

day 22: team schrödinger in coordinated uniforms

day 23: mind-controlled hungrier hippo having victoriously consumed rest of team

day 24: wind-x, alien bill, luggo, and hungrier hippo as .abbey road.

day 25: evil twins gullo, alien bob, hipster hippo

day 26: de-aged luggo, hungrier hippo, and alien bill

day 27: hungerier hippo, luggo, and alien bill surrounded by the one hundred jakes

day 28: battle royale wind-x, hungrier hippo, alien bill, luggo, and the red crumb vs

day 29: detail from the battle royale, the red crumb vs the dicemen

day 30: comic book cover jake 2 the origin!
(shout out to young astronauts in love)