trying to make sense of
kirk israel's digital life
Alienbill, my original website, is my signature character as well as my "production company" for the software I create and the websites I manage. there's a lot of stuff here: the blender of love, games for windows and the palmpilot...
mortality for skeptics
Off and on I'm bothered by the idea of a limited lifespan, these pages are a guide for myself (and possibly others) to dealing with death without the promise of an afterlife.

journal quotes
I've been keeping a quote journal on my pilot since early 1997. It's maybe 1/5 "dear diary" stuff, and the rest consists of funny or smart things I've heard or read. These are the best of those quotes, available in random quote format.

pixeltime tribute
Pixeltime is one of my favorite websites. This is a tribute page, along with some examples of my- err- art, for lack of a more modest term.

I've always enjoyed videogames, especially ones that create interesting worlds or allow me to play 2 or 3 friends at once. This page has some FAQs, tools, and essays.

A collection of some things I've written, prose and poetry.

I wrote some scripts that let me keep my bookmarks on line, organized by topic, with comments on each one. it's still living on alienbill: hence the color scheme.

For a long while I took pictures with a Kodak dc20 and dc25, great cheap cameras. This is a photo album arranged by subject matter.

family reunion
My family gathering in Connecticut, August 2000

lake george
Friends of Dylan living out their Blair Witch Project dreams.

A few pictures from a Florida vacation with Mo.

in nyc
Mo and I travelled to NYC and met up with Veronika and friends.

in germany
Mo and I travelled to Germany and met up with Veronika and friends.

biography in lists
An experiment in HTML, and in putting my life in some kind of order.
MIT has a wonderful set of satellite views of the Greater Boston area. This is where I live, including the local subway station. (You can even zoom in one level closer.)
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I'm curious to see who's stumbled onto this site, so if you've read this far, please leave a message, let me know how you heard about this site.
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