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may 15 - bonjour paris! farmer's market and the eiffel tower

sign inside logan terminal (actually this was on the 14th...)

charles de gaulle airport

heh. "without taking any risk".

train station at CDG

amber... i liked the light but also wanted to sneak in the african garb there on the side...

metro stations are curved. a lot of possibly cannes-related movie posters.

near our neighborhood in the 11th arr.


salvation army

our patio

farmer's market

crowded farmer's market...

man with fishbowl on his head

thank you for smoking quietly!!!!

dog was bigger than he looks here

model for statue of liberty's torch - and what's that in the distance?

haha i have a tower sticking out of my head. thanks for the photo, other tourist!

we had salads here

dunno much of the language but i think this is the french protesting there being a night and a day

skaters near the eiffel tower

thar she is

city of love, baby!

green building.

i guess these shots make the trees look bigger than they are

such engineering!

guy posing.

heavy concrete

nice view

nice sky

a lot of places had these wax models. I think this might be edision chilling w/ mr. eiffel (not shown)

playing with tilt-shift to make it all look like models...

itsy-bisty arc de triomphe

amber: "it was WINDY"

man in a pink shirt

i liked how someone put a bathing suit on the don't walk guy (hard to see in photo)

lot of buskers, and then regular beggars w/ their shpiels on the trains

nice meal to end the day

cheers! or salut! or something

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