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may 16 - centre pompidou, conciergerie, and notre dame

outside the centre pompidou, a neat space with an amazing contemporary and modern collection

the courtyard next to it has cool performers and some stores

view from those escalators...

african-influenced piece

usable for desktop wallpaper i thought, maybe...

this piece actually plays with fractals - each version consists of an exact replica, a messed up replica, and a blank replica, of the previous work. quite the mind bender!



man, what a pain this musta been to assemble

scale model of a large installation somewhere in shanghai i think

sometimes the patrons are as fun as the art

run this way with fire licking at your heels!

cathedral under wraps

welcoming doors though

and it was very pretty inside

sigh, just another piece of beautiful tower architecture

whoa, ipad 2?

the conciergerie, where prisoners of the terror were held

notre dame!

i liked how you could get a confessions going on if so inclined


one of these things is not like the others...

always love gargoyles...

this is the view from where we were eating our crepes

and these were some of our crepes

hey hey!

hotel de ville

bald guy in front of the hotel de ville

back near the pompidou

upper level. these finely dressed folk were late for something

dinner at le pure cafe, near our apartment. the shrimp over amber's risotto still had legs and eyes and stuff

thanks waitress lady!

couldn't figure out how to take a better shot of the moon


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