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may 17 - the orsay, rodin museum, and invalides

ooh an old school baby buggy!

damn yankees. their logo looks like a screwed up snowflake.

decoration on a bridge

"locks of love", kinda romantic!

dig the space invader

illicit photo of the interior of the orsay, a converted train station. lovely inside.

who wants a nice scritch? do you want a nice scritch mr. rhino?

thinking at the rodin museum

neat ground there, with surprises around every corner

chiropractor needed

yo yo yo holmes, i got a key!

the camera at an odd angle caught details the sun blinded eyes missed

there was an odd little video exhibit there, with scenes from star trek of captain kirk going after women in very very very slow motion


more chiropractors, please

napoleon's tomb in the distance

the cannons of les invalides

very regal

wwi tank

we went into the wwi/wwii museum.. some neat stuff

i think these guys were the prototype for the village people

i like the 1-up heart on the back of the tank

ballturret from a plane

where are you going monsieur pigeon

we almost blew off napoleon's tomb but i'm glad we didn't

some of the watchers there...

and the dome

so golden

then so blue

most oddly placed gas pumps i've seen


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