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may 18 - the louvre, arc de triomphe, and the cabaret lido

some nice skies! we had good weather the whole time there

the famous pyramid at the louvre...

amber spotted this room, looked to be under construction

i think later we saw it was an upcoming islamic art thing


the scale of the rooms was just amazing

half a turbo powered monk?


some of the artists reproducing works had "no camera" signs but this one didn't...

thar she is!

i think one of these people might be a pickpocket!

the courtyard

i guess i like finding the details of some of these works


hey look a pyramid!

one of the biggest ??!!??! of the classical at world

oh hey this is that may 21 rapture thing right?

sculpture courtyard

another apple store

security dudes on roller blades, awesome!

bigger than it looks here, the arc de triomphe

toyota place. glad that the guy on the wall left his blinkers on! parked all up on an illegal wall spot like that, i mean.

half-cockpit peugot !

amber enjoying a macaroon before the cabaret "lido"

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