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may 19 - l'orangerie and sacre coeur and the red light district

view from the corner of the grounds of the Louvre

near l'orangerie

grrr pigeons all puffed up

l'orangerie had the most beautiful oval rooms with soft lighting for monet's waterlilies...

she seems to be painting her impression of the painting, rather than the actual form

which might make her a meta-impressionist, or something.


i was wondering if this was an english/thai pun... amber thinks not

scorched apartment!

they were shooting a movie outside le pure cafe...

rigged up car right near our apartment building!


hiking up to sacre coeur

interesting street art!

postcard-like view that day!

and the people milling around

street performer

i was kind of interested in the logos on the cones...

fountains on the hike down the hillside, as we descend from sacre coeur into the redlight district...

the famous moulin rouge!

from the musee de l'erotisme

oh, mel gibson, what are you up to now.

see? that cafe is damn picturesque

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