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may 20 - to germany via train, hello to veronika and volker and family and obernburg

au revoir little apartment!

the night before this, they were having a bit of a party for the opening of "family market"... judging by the sidewalk chalkings i guess they sell undies!

at the train station...

french and german countryside....

the first class wasn't too expensive, but the seats were GREAT - best headrest design ever.

wow, in german it's "Heils-Armee"??

frankfurt train station


...and jannis

...and volker!

nearby town obernburg... some old roman ruins about.

oh deer

the kids were often scooting about ahead of their folks

we had several nice relaxed breakfasts and other tasty meals on this table, which also reflected the clouds beautifully

construction was going on in the lot behind

volker mans the grill

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