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may 21 - the castle and town of heidelberg and dinner with josef

windmills were so big there! and they tended to come in bunches

long drive to heidelberg...

sheep! why don't you like the rest of the field?

just ordinary ruins...

heidelberg is a long climb up

the ruined tower


volker looking at tadpoles!

amber was intrigued by the sundials some of these places had

the old town below...

and a zoom lens!

veronika gestures

this is one of the biggest wine casks in the history of ever


photogenic people!

up up and a photo!

street croissant.

dignified older lady

more tilt shift

man. at some point the germans have to start using smaller fonts, the words are just too big!

funicular tramway down... (sacre cour had one too)


on horseback!

rather small rally. i think there were more cops than protestors.

the cops were mostly bemused.

very popular place to get married they say, and also important to veronika and volker's early romantic days

mm mmmmmm

sudden downpour! short lived, however.

i liked the "walk" guy

bridge over the river necker.

some guy was asking people to pose in his chair. i also gave him my email address but haven't heard back.

duck, duck

pretty river

i like how the barriers were set up to protect one of their fallen bretheren

amber thought this was a very attractive way to mark parking spots.


one of my favorites, the tigerenten -- didn't see toys, just diapers.

sole shot of josef's, a fine example of german-turkish food. Josef himself would walk around with a tray of shots for people, and the kebab was probably my single favorite food on the whole trip

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