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may 22 - miltenberg, some great views, and some great gaming

miltenberg ho!

some houses sported decoration like this - V+V said it was kind of a recurring fashion

the oldest guesst house in germany


the castle was under renovation, but man were the forest paths there something!

i like the scale of this photo

and then random castle parts kind of in the woods...

snail -- reminds me we forgot to try escargot in paris

more sundial bits

we drove up to a monastery-vineyard on another hillside-- here's a sculpture commemorating the unique bottle type of the region

Beautiful views from up there...

kind of cool how often the vineyards will tell you what vintage they'll be used in...

german sunday tradition... cake!

games in the afternoon. germans love their table games.

like i was saying... this is a game called "genial"... to the lower right is amber's victorious piece collection.

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