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may 23 - shopping in aschaffenburg

the kids are at kindergarten and volker is at work so veronika takes us to aschaffenburg

odd castle feature

pigeons looking for love

odd how the crisscross of plane trails from frankfurt make a bit of a roof


reflected building

admittedly germany doesn't have quite as many cool manhole covers as japan, but still...

amused that they changed it to t K maxx.

german chocolates...

there's a bit of a tradition where germans can give special-shaped chocolates appropriate to the event.

like i said, germans love board games. this was a not atypical wall of the toy department of a department store

love this restaurant, though i realize half of it just digging the european way of having convenient ready-made sandwiches in store fronts.

just liked this pattern on the street

back to the castle, that tower was the oldest part

another timepiece.

funky car


wow. household urinals. the epitome of male convenience!

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