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may 24 - schoenbuch park, seligenstadt, and an anniversary dinner at lamm

we went to schoenbuch, a beautiful free park run by the town of aschaffenburg

this is when we got to the center of a cool labyrinth hedgemaze they have there

but then we had to find our way out again.


duck with baby ducks go left!

duck with baby ducks go right!

a tree with its pet tree

odd little turning bridge

the palace there...

...had a deliberate direct line of site to aschaffenburg castle.


i liked how the bridge had a random sphinx

and some pretty swans

so this is a game, i think called kegelspiel, of knocking down the pins with a heavy ball on a chain. nice satisfying physicality to it!

i have no idea what this means. hopefully nothing too bad...

german graves are super ornate... each has a stone patio in front of the gravemarker

this was on the way to seligenstadt

garden by some monks, i think

who keep bees

lots of bees

you know, it's kinda nice seeing adam and eve all nekkid, before they knew sin and all that

well, well

small petting-ish zoo there too

ooh, arizona iced tea, fancy important item! sigh.

i liked this shirt but they didn't have it in my size

christmas tradition, chalk markes the blessing and protection of the wisemen.

yo dawg, i heard you like doors

small ferry bringing cars back and forth

german fashion...

...what is that on her feet??? sandal boots? odd. veronika says a bit of a new fashion."my feet want to be free but i'm afraid my ankles might get cold"?

german clowns are scary.

we saw a few of these three wheeled choppers around

time for iced cream!

cute manual carousel there...

...i liked the pig on it.

we want to lamm, where i had been to their wedding reception all those years ago -- 8 to the day, to be exact! not that the red wine i drank let me remember so very much of it...

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