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may 25 - to london, and a walk to the thames

frankfurt airport

coke zero seems to be an international flavor

amused by IKEA's description of how different nationalities sit.

found some shade

london! love the visual theme of the tube

plus they customize some stations, like baker st. amber is clearly very amused by this.

our one pub the whole time there... mostly i thought the woman sitting there looked kinda interesting

all soul's church near our apartment

saw a few of these supplements to the usual "no entry" signs...

weird art.

i do!

odd skies. we had been enjoying a week and a half of brilliant weather but we were worried that was coming to an end...

kinda dig the lotto symbol (i think it used to look more dove like?) nuclear protest sticker on it.

that all souls church again, as we head out to explore

o look apple!

picadilly circus, yo

custom plates, rocking.

turns out obama was in town our first days there...

i mostly just wanted an excuse to photograph this guy

man, can't these guys memorize their music like we did in high school? they look like they've had those privacy bars stuck over their eyes...

london eye in the distance...

parliament! no funkadelic in sight.

big ol' ben

good ol' winston. read somewhere that the statue is electrified to ward off pigeons, but in that raincoat he's kind of dressed for it...

more of the parliament... i love how ornate it is.

amber liked this little structure

walking around the thames...

playing with the autotimer on the camera

hollywood? really?

interesting wear pattern by the river walkway.

seriously, i saw stuff in the tate modern the next day that didn't quite measure up to this!

ok, we get it. though ben looks a bit crooked...

lions by nelson's column

ship in a bottle by the national gallery

nelson's monument, with balls. (it was the big match between barcelona and manchester united...)

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