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may 26 - the tate modern and the mousetrap

inside of our apartment...

cutest. car. ever.

i think i saw it was electric.

one thing i noticed: adverts and notices in the UK tend to be much wordier than their USA counterparts, at least if they're in a place people have time to read, like a subway car.

first big rainy day. this was southwark station near the tate

pretty oil

big construction

more construction

the construction was very echo-y in here. at first i thought maybe it was a weird audio installation piece.

rothko. he says he wanted to get the feeling of being trapped in a room, with no recourse but to beat your head against a brick wall.

millennium bridge over the thames...

people listening to a tourguide

i call this one "fruit at the tate modern cafeteria"

view over the thames




it's a replica of the artist's apartment stairway.

happy to show off my friend miller's turtle T shirt at the tate modern after its tour of the louvre

one of those jenny holzer installations of truisms

interesting video piece, the speaker was talking about mankind and art but he kept getting squished by the tickers...

big space at the tate modern

i guess we just missed an installation of weiwei...

anyway, cold rainy day

salvation army ihq!

amber likes to point out how she shielded me from the rain... so her pants are exactly half wet

sun coming out?

went to see this famous play... i (mostly) sussed the ending in the first act.

fancy cars!

chinatown had some scary lookin' food

regent street levi store had a bit of an art piece. they also recommended wearing very very dirty jeans as a way of helping save the planet, using less water and all that.

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