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may 27 - tower of london and tracey enim at the hayward gallery

peephole view from our apartment

o look more of kirk's random pavement stuff. and his foot.

wow. they really take this stuff seriously here.

outside the tower of london...

tower bridge, the one everyone thinks is london bridge.

inside the tower walls...

our beefeater.

i liked the logo work for all the houses.

heh heh.

dragon made of armaments, apparently such sculptures are a bit of an old tradition.

amused by the crudeness of the portrait of William I...

i'm sure new haven is very proud...


love this architectural pattern, the merge of inside and outside spaces, at waterloo

at the hayward gallery we saw the work of tracey emin... some of it in neon

wow, those are... some pipes. really had to think about this for a while.

before we had hit the gallery, we found this great little food fair... the multicultural bit is one of london's strengths, truly

heh, volker!

boba fett?

boba fett!

always liked this work, though not enough to buy the puzzle...

wow, london pubs are kinda busy on a friday evening...

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