Boston's famous Citgo sign.
Downtown Boston, 24-Feb-1997.
The End of the Boston Marathon. (Mo's Dad ran in it, I'm not sure if he's in this shot.) Love the menace of the sky in this one.
Harvard Square, 05-May-1997.
Cambridge again. I should probably crop the fence and car out of this shot.
Four Shots from New York City.
From the roof of my Mom's old apartment building, I like the shadows in this one.
Somethings always under construction in the big city.
I've always had a thing for gargoyles.
For many years I'd help my mom at the Salvation Army's NYC Thankgsgiving Dinner for the Homeless. This was the military hangar we held it in one year. The guests came in waves throughout the afternoon. I helped the other volunteers out. One thing I learned: if you're going to volunteer at a dinner for the homeless, try not to look homeless yourself.
Cleveland's got a beautiful skyline.