photobook iii | family

Mama Mia, Using her accordian I think to check out some tunes for a Christmas church service.
The Christmas Tree that year...presents galore.
My family has a weekly pub night tradition. This is Llara, my Aunt Susan, and Donna-Lane...not quite Hear No Evil See No Evil Speak No Evil...more like Just Do It And Practice Looking Innocent.
Uncle Bill looks on.
My Aunt Susan pointing out the "Forever and Always" plaque for my grandparents Eva & Sam.
Not truly family, but my highschool teacher Mrs. McLaughlin is close enough...I visit her whenever I get back to Cleveland.
The Annual Family Reunion is a pretty big deal for all the Smith Cousins...Uncle Bill again looks on with stately dignity.
Lots of cousins at these things...I kind of lose track of anyone below the age of 15 or so.
So cute! I think this was actually taken by another one of the cousins.
Lots of action at a typical reunion...
...and the Slip and Slide is another tradition.

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