photobook iii | friends

Can you judge a party by the shoes present? Perhaps.
Brooke threw some great parties as well...Cinderella was at one.
Lee and MZ. Ready for action.
Random people at Flattop Johnny's, a favorite for darts for me and Peterman. I really don't know what the backstory of this photo is. But I like it.
Jesse and Michi hosting a cookout...
...attended by Sawers.
Me and my new car, taken by Sawers. My dad taught me the "Kamikaze Driving Position" I'm showing here.
My buddy Mike, abducted on his birthday. As he said "I've got a mask on that's duct-taped to my face, I'm wearing a silly hat, I've got a wand in one hand, a beer in the other, and I've got explosives in my pocket." My reply: "That sounds like a perfect evening."
Rebekah got a crown for her birthday as well.
Bjorn...satisfied after setting up a successful surprise party for his Lena.
Erin posing behind a cake at my birthday party...Ksenia arranged to get a cake with Alien Bill all over it.
Andy talked Ksenia and me into a hike up Monadnack. Here he strikes his favorite photo pose. Back at ya, pal.
Ash and Ellieng. They're better at hiking...they know to bring those poles.
Ksenia and I were just happy to be there.
Coworkers can be friends, right? It's Chuck.
Julia's last she's surrounded by Sue and Jamie.
Just Jamie. Amazing how it's pretty easy to take decent shots with good lighting indoors.
Johnson, Noor.
And Lester.
Noor in our shared office space, the "Romper Room"...he seems to really like the "Hulk Hands" I brought in.

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