photobook iii | ksenia

Taken at Burlington Mall's Legal Seafood, evening of our second date. Oddly she let me put a faux Alien Bill tattoo on her arm.
Love this shot of her at the top of the steps at her Aunt and Uncle's apartment.
Thoughtful at Not Your Average Joe's.
New Year's. Reasons for picking this photo might be abundantly clears.
A floral arrangement Ksenia made. I helped with the ribbons!
Friendly shot.
Probably me being a little too artsy for my own good.
Holding flowers she had put together for Alex and Tonya's wedding, on the way to the event.
When we started dating Ksenia lived near the Lynn shore...
...which had some fun stuff going on with the light sometimes.
...a twilight walk to the Alewife T Station shirt!)
Making good on the gift of a promise of horseback riding...this is at "Bobby's Ranch". The horses look like hostages but I think it helps them with the flies.
Finally, four shots borrowed from the Chicago Series, taken at an ice cream place on Navy Pier...mostly we're practicing taking each other's portrait. Nice backdrop and light.

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