photobook iii | roihls

Mo and I aren't together any longer but we had some good times.
Some kind of facial thing.
James Dean impression.
Mo as seen from inside a Jack-O'-Latern
With some wine.
Working in the small garden next to the house.
She can be serious about her tools.
New glasses. Taken with this little baby camera I bought in England.
After being attacked by a killer amorous octopus. (Actually some kind of acupuncture thing.)
From an afternoon of making photos with Brooke... the playground across the street from our house.
Her and her dad at Harvard Square.
Her mom, brother Dan, and grandfather, before Dan's thesis concert.
Said concert...Mo was very moved by the event.
Our cats Denali and Murphy, now living with her. And in sin, it seems.
In the "great room" of our old house.
Murphy keeping watch.
Denali chilling out.
Finally, when it was close to all over. Her car under the streetlight in front of our old place.

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