photobook iii | random things

Apple Pie by Peterman and Leslee.
I accidentally set up this still-life, but then found it kid of disturbing.
Once I played the Pied Piper. Here's one of my minions.
Beat up newsprint with American Flag, Salem, about a year after 9/11.
Stones showing through melting snow at the Pond End School Lane.
Um...heh. Well, yeah.
My Honda Civic came with a builtin frogholder!
Accident in Salem...don't overload things at the front is the lesson to be drawn.
Gizmo made at a Jackal Art Group workshop.
Bob-ombs! Super Mario Kingdom run amuck on top of my television.
Moth on a screendoor. Usually I couldn't get the focus right for shots like this.
Ok, not a "thing", but I thought the window washer right outside my window was kind of cool.
Get this Pigeon off of me! (Near Downtown Crossing in Boston)
More pigeons, from a pigeon eye vew.
Salem gulls.
Salem gull.
It lives! Early version of JoustPong, my first Atari 2600 game. I liked the motion caught in this one.
Eventually I added a title screen.
I always wanted one of those "plasma ball" globes.
Ms. Pac-Man at that Porter Square stationary store.
Albino Christmas Kermits are some of the freakiest things I saw around Christmas '03.
Shadow in Salem.
Simba's Head, Salem behind. That was exactly where I found it.
Two Jabbas having a good ol' time.
I took a painting class...this is the one that came out the best.
At the MFA.
Deorated Water Jug...looks a bit like Uncle Gabby from the Maakies comic.
I bought a few bags of those happy face guys for party favors and brought the rest into work.
Bowling with the happy faces.
My new Scion at 9,999 miles.
Coffee cups.
A strategy game, forget the name.
Lego dinos.
Heavily decorated car that I see around Arlington.
Snail on the beach in Rockport, MA.
Cool sailing craft at Pickering Wharf in Salem, MA.

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