One of my favorite pictures. I think it looks like propaganda art from a bad sci-fi flick. (original)
I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner. Saw this in a hotel parking lot on the way home from work one day and I just had to stop.
I like the skepticism in this picture, and the gargoyle. I think Dylan took it when we were housemates in Waltham.
From when I sang with the acapella group sQ. This was my one big non-instrumental solo, from Cake's "The Distance"
In 1997 my Halloween costume was to be a former employee of my company named Scott Dare. He dressed very distinctively, with Kahkis and vests. Err- I guess you had to be there.
The year after, my Halloween costume was much simpler, the old reliable red hat with puffy silvery wings. I told people I was Mercury, but if they didn't give me the custom prize I would strip off all my clothes and become the LTD FTD flowers guy. They saw through my bluff.
A self portrait.
Another self portrait
One last self portrait-- I was trying to imitate an effect that the Euclid High School Homecoming king used in some of his campaign posters.