Friends Before College

I've known Dylan and Tracy since middle school, maybe even earlier-- here we are at Dylan's family's house on Lake George (the boathouse)
Decent shot of Tracy. These are from 1997.
The year after, from left to right, Tracy, Kim, Mots, and Joe.
The full gang from that trip, Dylan, then (top to bottom) Mots, Kim, Sarah, then Joe and Tracy, and then Mo and myself.
Mike and I are best friends from high school. We were there at the found of 222nd Street jazz. Here he is in front of Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Here's Mo and Mike, also at the Cleveland Shore.
Major Bender was my minister when I was in Euclid Ohio.

College Buddies

Dan handled the stress of my New Year's Party to ring in 1998 really well.
Karla Goo-- the first time I met her I went through my first and last pickup line. It failed, and she was scared of me for a long time until we started to sing with each other in sQ. (I had forgotten the incident.)
Greg "Gowen" Owen was kind of my mentor at Tufts. He gave me the idea of being a double English/Comp Sci. major. He also got married.
Lisa and Eric, band buddies.
Mary, Scott, and Shane, more band buddies. These two pics were from the Lemming get together at Tufts' homecoming 1998.
Lisa "Torta" and Jen, when the Lemmings when to Pizzeria Uno after homecoming. If I had had a digital camera half a year earlier, I would have many more shots of Jen.
Diane was my boss at Tufts. She wasn't usually this angry with me.

Inman Square Cleveland

My virtual cousin Llara and I were housemates in Inman Square.
Many people I knew happened to live around Inman Square that year, including my old-drinking-buddy-Mo, who's here with her cat Murphy and her friend Shayne.
Here's Shayne again.
And Marieke, from the same get-together.


Mo's Dad ran the Boston Marathon. He didn't win, but it was close.
Some new housemates of mine, Carla and Charles, managed to help Mo to get me on a nature walk. Ugh, nature.
Nice hat, Charles (shot by Carla)
Nice rainbow warrior get up, Carla.
Rick's a later addition to the household.
Dylan, Mandy, Sarah, and myself went kayaking on the Charles. Ahhhhh...


Habib was a cow-orker of mine right before I left IDD (nothing to do with him, however)
I'm not sure if this cutie is related to me or not, but she was at my grandmother's 80th birthday party. This is a great shot.