On of my earlier shots of Mo, from a little get together at her old house
Imagine my surprise at finding out I was getting involved with a bona fide tree-hugger. (Not really, but it makes good copy.)
Three pictures from the 1369 Coffehouse (the Inman Square one,) a favorite of mine and Mo's.
These three are some of the best portraits to come from my Kodak DC-20.
My favorite of the three.
Mo eating at a New York Diner. I like the implied action in this one.
Mo in The Big City.
We were in NYC aound Valentine's Day visiting my Mom, who took this shot at a restaurant.
And of course we tried to get some culture-- this is at the Guggenheim during a show on the art of China.
During a trip to Ocean Grove, New Jersey with Lena and Bjorn.
On the Ocean Grove boardwalk. Unfortunately, it seems as if most Kodak DC-25 snapshots at a medium distance come out kind of like this.
This is about as close as I like to get to Nature, near Rockport MA.
I think Mo liked her new car. Honda Civic, sort of like mine but silvery and cruise-controlly and sunroofy.
At a free Soul Coughing concert at the Hatch Shell.
Visiting my friend Mike in Cleveland, who took this shot at the Cleveland lakefront.
Just about the best shot I've ever taken with my Kodak DC-25. It looks better in Black and White, and even make decent Windows wallpaper.
At a restuarant near Fenway. Dig the shirt.
Mo's cat murphy is kind of a part of her, I guess. This great shot of him yawning (or roaring and ready to attack) was by Carla.