I sang with sQ at Tufts University 1996-97, even though I had graduated n 1996. Usually the best I could hope for was a big instrumental solo like this one from "You Can Call Me Al"
Karla and Stacy sang that year.
And Stacy like the attention.
Austin and I had a scary amount in common, though you might not be able to tell from this shot.
Right, Austin?
sQ managed to find the worst Chinese food in the world (or at least Waltham) while recording an album.
Thanks to the "Reproduction Opera" and my rendition of "To piss, to pee, to take a leak" (by Garrison Keillor) we won the Dumbest Skit award at a gathering of A Capella groups.
sQ goes on without me, though here's Sara, singing with the new 'Q.
No more rehersals for me!
Though I might still come to a get-together or two.
Plus, the new sQ got to sing in Goddard Chapel at Tufts. The Big Time!