My man, you're thinking about this way too dlpeey. Let's take a different look at this.Editing. You don't need the greatest editor in the world, you just need someone competent. You want someone you can talk to, who'll show you the first few pages of edits, if there are any, so you can see the quality of work they do. You could find someone who'd do it for 1 or 2 dollars a page; heck, I'd do it for you for that. Book cover. I know both stories and you're not going to look for someone to do full-on graphic novel cover art. With your connections you could probably find someone local who could put together something nice for $200  $300 dollars, possibly less. Costs always increase depending on how fancy you're trying to make your cover; how fancy would you be looking for?Third, price point. How much you're going to sell your book for depends on where you're planning on selling it from. Since I've read both stories I'm thinking your price point is too low because of how many pages each is. I'm betting that since you already kind of have a readership based on your podcasts that you could market it yourself at a higher price. Or you could go other ways such as through Amazon, Ebook Palace or many other places. You could even market it through your blog; that would be a very smart move to make.The thing is that you don't need perfection; you just need very good. And you can get very good for way less than what you're thinking. If a regular publisher decided they liked it later on, they would bring in their own editors at that point anyway.Just my thoughts on it all.
--Niah Fri Jul 13 20:58:00 2012

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