OgeTf2 Good! Wish everybody wrote so:D
--cheap oem software Sun Feb 12 10:30:25 2012
Hi  thanks for the ceommnt, and sorry to hear that you are having trouble.A couple of thoughts  have you loaded the correct config file for the radio  some folk try to use the radio manufacturer config file and not the car manufacturer even though they ahve got a factory fitted HU. If you have got an Audi, for example, you should use the Audi config files regardless of the fact that the radio is a blaupunkt. However, if you are using an aftermarket HU then use the relevant radio config files.Secondly, if you can, try removing the configuration from the Dension  the instructions were on the dension site, but it basically consists of loading a blank config file. This will return the dension back to the state it was in when it left the factory you can then try to re-install the correct config files for the car you have got.Finally, head over to the two forums listed in the panel on the left of the page (hack my car and iPod my car) to see if anyone there can help you further.
--Blanca Fri Jul 13 11:08:57 2012
I've been looking for a post like this fvoerer (and a day)
--Barbara Thu Apr 11 19:53:31 2013

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