fireman kirk
Thanks 1+The One! I truly enjoyed wcithang this movie. I learnt so much about persisting in love within the marriage context. It's such a pertinent issue in our microwave' generation!
--Don Tue Mar 5 03:41:33 2013
If you need more than 5 days I hope you will take them & not worry one bit about the graphics or any of us! Quitting is hard & you do have to do it for yeulsorf. People can tell you to think about your children  but I'll tell ya  mine are only alive because I could run off and grab a smoke sometimes! LoL I'm also planning to quit  after taxes are done. This will be my 3rd attempt, so I hope the saying is true (3rd times a charm!)  Feel free to shout at me if you have any questions or concerns or want to rant & rave!  I'd be happy to help out a fellow quiter if I can.  A couple of tips I can offer you that will help:- Drink A LOT of water. Try as much as possible to stay away from caffeine.- Eat an apple each morning.- Find something to do with your hands besides stuffing food in your face!  This may really be a good time to work unless while working you usually smoked too.- Most people are tired & feel lazy the first few days after quitting, but it will pass. Walking (like you are planning) is really, really good to keep up with everyday.Good luck to you & I'll keep you in my prayers!Angie
--Swlophelophedieudara Sun Nov 24 03:08:43 2013
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